Firefighters Significant Places

The Fire Fighters Museum of Winnipeg is a firemen’s museum. It is dedicated to the history of firefighters in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

St. Vital Firehall 598-600 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg, MB.

Code Street – Named for William “Billy” Code, fire chief for the City of Winnipeg from 1874 to 1914.

Winnipeg Firefighters Memorial (September 2016), the installation of which was dedicated to local firefighters who dedicated their lives to fighting fires, saving lives, and those who died in the line of duty.

This memorial is located in the firefighters section of Brookside Cemetery in the northwest corner of Winnipeg.

Memorial to fallen firefighters, peace officers, workers – in Memorial Park, Manitoba.

Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Services – Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Services (WFPS) provides fire and ambulance services in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

There are 27 fire stations, 3 self-contained ambulance stations and 3 administrative offices in the city.

WFPS has two divisions: the Winnipeg Fire Department (WFD) and the Winnipeg Emergency Medical Services (WEMS), with a centralized dispatch system.

Manitoba Historic Places:

  • Fire hall No.1 / Central Fire Hall (110 Albert Street, Winnipeg)
  • Fire hall No.2 / South Fire Hall (Smith Street, Winnipeg)
  • Winnipeg Firemen’s Museum / Fire Hall No. 3 (56 Maple Street, Winnipeg)
  • Fire hall No.4 (470 Gertrude Avenue, Winnipeg)
  • Fire hall No.5 (354 Sherbrooke Street, Winnipeg)
  • Fire hall No.7 (349 Burrows Avenue, Winnipeg)
  • Fire hall No.8 (325 Talbot Avenue, Winnipeg)
  • Fire hall No.9 (1466 William Avenue West, Winnipeg)
  • Fire hall No.10 (845 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg)
  • Fire hall No.11 / fire hall #7 (180 Sinclair Street, Winnipeg)
  • Fire hall No.12 (1055 Dorchester Avenue, Winnipeg)
  • Emergency Services Museum (120 Nineteenth Street North, Brandon)
  • Fire hall No.13 (410 Cathedral Avenue, Winnipeg)
  • Fire hall No.14 (161 Lipton Street, Winnipeg)
  • Fire hall No.15 (524 Osborne Street, Winnipeg)
  • Fire hall No.25 (701 Day Street, Winnipeg)
  • St. Boniface Fire Hall No. 1 (212 Dumoulin Street, Winnipeg)
  • St. Boniface Fire Hall No.2 / police station (328 Tache Avenue, Winnipeg)
  • St. Boniface Fire Hall No. 3 / Fire Hall No. 9 (864 Marion Street, Winnipeg)
  • St. James Fire Hall (200 Berry Street, Winnipeg)
  • St. Vital Museum/Fire Hall St. Vital (600 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg)
  • Transcona Municipal Authority and Fire Station (Victoria Avenue West, Winnipeg)
  • Brandon Fire and Emergency Services Museum (120 Nineteenth Street North, Brandon)

Other significant firefighter-related places and faces in Canada:

  • A prominent face of Canada is Neil Gordon “Harry” Harrison, a Canadian curling player and curling coach. Outside of curling, he worked as a Toronto firefighter for over 30 years until his retirement, with the rank of Captain.
  • The Walterdale Playhouse, Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Historic Hose Tower, Paisley, Ontario
  • Hose Station No. 8, Toronto, Ontario
  • Old fire hall, Toronto, Ontario
  • List of historic fire stations in Toronto, Ontario
  • Firemen’s Museum (Winnipeg, Manitoba), in a 1904 firehouse building
  • Casino de Pompier, Chambly, Quebec, photo here
  • Prince Albert Historical Museum, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, in city fire hall 1912
  • Former Fire Hall No. 3, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan